Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Out with the old - in with the new.

Well, I must say that these last few months have been hectic. I seem to have been rushing from one thing to the next.
Firstly, I've finished the first of my new series, Daddy's Girl, and it's currently with two agents for consideration. It follows Jill Bennett's career as she strives to become a detective in a man's world. Initial feedback has been very positive and I'm very excited about the whole project. The setting of the books is Croydon in 1960 and the Met's Z Division. I've had some terrific responses from their archives department when I was researching. They will certainly be credited when the book comes out.
Next, I've redesigned the website to be more about Richard Cudlow and not just one book. I hope you like it. It's under constant review so I expect changes to be frequent. I'm writing the code from scratch and that is some learning curve so please be patient. Any positive suggestions would be most warmly received. By the way, the new address is www.rcudlow.co.uk
You may not know but my wife is Australian. I think it was the dangly corks on her hat that swept me off my feet. Well, a trip down under is almost upon us and I can't wait. Every morning I'm humming Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport as I prepare for the day.
I'll update on here about any progress towards publication. I've started the next in the series with a working title of Come Softly To Me. It's going to involve a trip back to Croydon to look up some old haunts. Take care and don't forget, there are seven deadly sins, so have a great week!