Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to "just me talking". That title came from an old mentor of mine who would say "it's just me talking" when he was offering advice that I would be stupid to ignore. I'm not suggesting you take any advice I offer here, but, it is, just me talking.
My name is Richard Cudlow and, for my sins, I am an author. No, you probably haven't read anything I've written yet but I hope we can change all that.
I have published my first e-book and at the end of this blog I'll put a link to it should you be interested in finding out more.
I have also created a website that you may find of interest. I was able to do this after many late night sessions trying to master html. I still haven't mastered it but I am able to create a page or two that link together.
I have a lifelong interest in history and any science that flies in the face of traditional scientific thinking and, boy, is there a lot of that. I've discovered things about Einstein, NASA and many others that really surprised me and I will be sharing them with you in future blogs.
I also had a shock when a chance encounter on the Genes Reunited website enabled us to trace our family history. I'll explain later (again in future blogs how we managed it) but we were able to go back to 498. Almost in living memory of Roman Britain. As you can imagine, I have a plethora of stories about ancestors that brought me surprise, wonderment and a healthy dose of embarrassment. Again, I will go into more details as the blog progresses. Suffice it to say, you need to be able to forgive your ancestors anything. You may, then, hope your descendants will do the same. I wonder if there's material for a series of novels, each one featuring an ancestor who is able to pass on the genes all the way down to me?
After my wife, my three great loves in life are writing, computers and DIY and if I'm not doing one, I'm usually doing the other. My biggest project at the moment is the sequel to my novel which I'm hoping to publish this year. I'd like to keep you posted on progress from time to time and, who knows, you may just help me to achieve my dreams.
Thanks for dropping by, I've enjoyed our little chat and look forward to many more of them. Don't hesitate to let me have any comments you think relevant and I'll do my best to respond. It just leaves me to say cheerio but, before I do, here's that link I told you about. The novel is available on Amazon for the Kindle and for all other formats.

Thanks again and I hope to see you next time

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