Friday, 16 March 2012

Hi, it's been a while because I've been particularly busy, what with trying to advertise to increase sales and finish the sequel. Still, I'm writing and that, for me, is the main thing.
I was talking, the other day, to someone convinced that science, and indeed scientists, were the key to the future. He said he liked talking to me because it gave him the opportunity to try and teach me something. Especially, he said, after the way I seemed to promote the geocentric universe as opposed to the heliocentric one that all right minded people believed in.
I just went 'Hrrmmph'.
I said, "if the earth is spinning, as you say, can it spin at two different speeds at the same time?"
"What are you talking about," he replied, "of course it can't."
"Can you tell me, then," I asked, "why is it that the sun takes 24hrs to return to its original position on the earths surface, yet, the fixed stars further away than the sun, take only 23 hours and 56 minutes, give or take a second or two."
He stared at me for some time before saying, "you just don't understand."
Now, this is what I mean. When scientists come out with statements that are so easily shot down how can we have any faith in them? Oh well...
I was looking at my family tree again the other day. I'd been asked how we got back so far, all the way to 498. The reason is simple. My great grandad, with fourteen greats, was King James II of Scotland. Once a royal connection is made then all the preceeding records are in place. We were able to go through Scottish, Pictish and Viking royalty back to Eric who died in 498.
It was sad about King James. He was one of the first kings to really champion the use of a canon as a weapon of war. And, he was right. A body of men marching aggresively towards your position would have their minds concentrated when a gunstone landed amongst them when they were still a mile and a half from their objective. No doubt they would suddenly realise how much they were missing their kith and kin.
We don't know whether there was a problem with the casting of the weapon or whether the Master at Arms was over enthusiastic but, one day, when the powder was lit an almighty explosion split the gun into many pieces and the King into two pieces and the poor chap was only 30.
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