Thursday, 3 May 2012

What on earth has happened to the weather? Last month we invested in a jacuzzi for the garden. Nothing too fancy just a blow-up bath holding two hundred and ten gallons of hot, bubbling water. The day after we installed it the temperature (of the water) was a very pleasant 42 degrees and in we jumped. Marvelous! A very warming and pleasurable experience.
Then it rained, and it hasn't stopped raining long enough for us to use it again. Before you start, I'm sure it wasn't our fault that it did rain but it seems an awful waste of chemicals and water. Watch this space...if the sun comes out I'll probably be calling it the best thing we did.
Yippee! We've just booked a return to St Lucia in the Caribbean. Well, it's one of the stops on a cruise. I can't wait to get down to the land registry there and re-commence enquiries about great great great great great Grandads will. When he died in 1797 part of his estate was plot 29 in St Lucia comprising a plantation house and about 200 acres. No-one knows what happened to it. They weren't impressed when I tried to identify my birthright in January. Ah well, at least I know right is on my side. I hope they don't think all Britons are as eccentric as I appeared to be. Never mind, and as my old Gran used to say, musn't grumble.
Take care and come back soon.

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